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Commercial Roofs can differ slightly from residential roofs. Because we are generally covering more square feet with commercial roofs, we like to use different types of material. We want our commercial roofs to be cost-effective across the entire building, but also maintain a secure level of waterproofing. If youre interested in learning more about our commercial roofing services in Murfreesboro TN, please contact us today!

Commercial Roofing Material

There are three types of commercial roofing material we like to use, EPDM and TPO, and sometimes metal. EPDM is rubber-style roofing which youll notice is generally black. TPO is a newer style of commercial roofing product, also made of rubber, but is generally white. Both rubber roofing products come with 30-40 years of warranty and can easily be repaired with a spray coating. Finally, metal commercial roofs can be more expensive but can take more of a beating and are more architecturally and aesthetically pleasing. All three will perform well on your commercial property.
Commercial EPDM Roofs
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Commercial TPO Roofs
Stones River Roofing Images
Commercial Metal Roofs
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